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Walk with Jesus. Love Each Other. Serve the City.

We are a family united in Jesus

We are seekers and believers. We are rich and poor.  We are skeptics and we are faithful. We doubt and we also hope. While our individual journeys differ in many ways, we share and unite in the belief that we are loved by God. We've made it our mission to share that love with others. As a church family we walk this journey of faith together, learning to live like Jesus.

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Sunday Worship - 11:00 am
Lunch immediately following
Limbach Community Center
816 Tripoli Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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Listen a round table discussions with Somali refugees living in Pittsburgh. Find other Sunday morning sermons via this link as well.

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Our Vision

We envision a city transformed by the love of God.

We are a church family committed to sharing God's love with each other, in our neighborhoods and in our city. It's a BIG vision. It won't be accomplished overnight and it can't be attained by our own personal power. Scripture makes it clear that the power to fulfill this vision flows from our relationship with God. Time and again, Jesus invites us to love and serve one another as He loves and serves us. That's why as a church family we don't just want to have faith. We want to LIVE our faith, together in love and service to one another, and to our city.

Cityview absolutely feels like a place that puts its money and time where its mouth is. I haven't worshipped in a place this authentic, vulnerable, selfless and kind in a long time.”

(In)Justice Series

"Justice is what love looks like in public"

As Christians, we're seeking to grow in understanding our relationship to societal injustice: its impact both on those whom it oppresses and those who participate in its oppressive systems. We do this through a three-part series  dedicated to first-hand accounts, research, and scripture centered on: coded language, systematic disenfranchisement, and the legacy of trauma. With that knowledge we explore practical applications for pursuing justice as Christians in our neighborhood, our churches, and our world.

RECOMMENDED (In)Justice resources & links

  • LISTEN: "SEEING WHITE" PODCAST - Where did the notion of “whiteness” come from? What does it mean? What is whiteness for? Listen here.
  • READ: "TROUBLE I'VE SEEN" - Pointing readers toward Jesus, this book presents real action for churches seeking to live out racial justice. Read here.
  • WATCH: "WHY I'M NOT RACIST" - Learn about white fragility and why examining privilege and its relationship to racism makes us so uncomfortable here.
  • WATCH: "THE CASE FOR REPARATIONS" - Author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates covers the violent, extensive, and unrelenting history of systematic denial of opportunity in our country in an interview with Bill Moyers available here.
Photo of Cityview Church people Photo of Cityview Church people Photo of Cityview Church people

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11:00 a.m. Worship & Lunch
Limbach Community Center
816 Tripoli St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212



8:00 p.m. Men's AA Group


6:45 p.m. Women's Group


3:00 Living in Liberty Drop-in Center

6:00 p.m. Family Dinner (doors at 5:30pm) 

We are a family-friendly church. Children (Pre-school -High School) are invited to attend age-appropriate "classes" focusing on Scripture or to sit with their parents through the Sunday service. 

Our Location

Free street parking is available on Tripoli and surrounding streets.


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Photo of Cityview Church people Photo of Cityview Church people Photo of Cityview Church people

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Here's a YouTube playlist of some of our favorite songs to sing together:

Photo of Cityview Church people Photo of Cityview Church people
Photo of Cityview Church people Photo of Cityview Church people Photo of Cityview Church people